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Time: 7.30 a.m Place: Madikeri,Coorg Dist. Karnataka, India. Occasion: My wife and daughter came visiting me..that was were I was posted then.

It was a cold morning and Anu was up to read for her exam very early. I found her stretching and yawning after finishing one of the lessons!

One of the tallest statues in the world, at Sravanabelagola, Karnataka, India. Made of one single piece of stone and more than 1000 years old! Statue of Lord…

An intricate piece of sculpture to be found in a 500 year old temple at Belur, Karnataka, S.India. Notice the monkey pulling the lady's garment, the swirl of…

A tall statue of Lord Shiva, at Murudeshwar, Karwar Dist, Karnataka, India. Can be seen from many kilometres away!

The Mysore Palace, in Karnataka, India, is completely illuminated during the Dasara (a local festival for 9 days during the month of November)