Procházka Prahou

by Dan Leå¡Tina November. 16, 2007 3679 views

a walk through Prague

Vyšehrad z železničního mostu. ((())) Vyšehrad, one of the most important bohemian mythological and historical sites. Taken from the railway bridge.

Co je na obrázku? a)Racek, kterému se vyvinul proudový motor. b)Hlavní scéna z filmu Mars útočí. c)Racek, kterému se vyvinul raketový motor a odlétá na Měsíc. ((())) What's in the picture? a)A gull who developed a turbojet b)A scene from the film ‘Mars attacks!’ c)A gull who developed a rocket engine and set off for the moon.

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Michaå‚ 12 years, 5 months ago

Really fine set! Last shot is unbelievable :) Answer c) seems to be very probable ;)

12 years, 5 months ago Edited
Paulina 12 years, 10 months ago

3 it is the best

I can't writing englisch :(

12 years, 10 months ago Edited
Leo 12 years, 10 months ago

love 5

12 years, 10 months ago Edited
Varghese Mathew 12 years, 10 months ago

Thats a stunning set .:)

12 years, 10 months ago Edited
! 12 years, 10 months ago

your last shot is wonderful catch!!!

12 years, 10 months ago Edited
Anna 12 years, 10 months ago


12 years, 10 months ago Edited
Tim 12 years, 11 months ago

Beautiful photos, the first one is wonderful, the second makes me feel as the leave,,fragile.., the sky on 5 is really amazing adn teh last,,well,, such a good moment u captured there :))

12 years, 11 months ago Edited