Graphic-Novel Prototype-13

by John D August. 29, 2020 72 views

I mentioned, about a month ago, that I am working with a LARP group, and we are talking about doing a “Graphic Novel”. The idea is to maintain client engagement, since The Plague inhibits large gatherings. We figure that with just a few people, who are already in our little “pod-o-friends”, we can produce something interesting.

I have been experimenting with different graphic-novel styles, which could run anywhere from fully photo-realistic, to so stylized that it really looks like a scanned-in printed comic. So far, I am personally partial to this middle-ground, with photo-realistic characters, and stylized background.

I first developed the figure the way that I wanted it, mostly in LR-Classic. The background of this is what was there in the photo, I have just manipulated it with a combination of native PS-filters (Film Grain 3/0/10 and Smudge-Stick 10/0/10). I selected the figure, inverted the selection, and worked on the background until I liked it. If we decide to keep this style, I have it documented so that I can reproduce it.

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