Ol’ Folks on a Sunday Afternoon

by John D August. 31, 2020 90 views

Yesterday was beautiful here, so I decided to go into the Big Town (it has traffic-lights and everything), and shoot whatever I happened to see. There were lots of other people taking advantage of the weather, and Crusin’ - just out to see and be seen. Some were in old-fashioned 1950’s hot-rods, but most were on motorcycles. In the 3-hours that I was in town shooting, I saw dozens of bikes, but there were only 2 people who looked under 60. If I had someplace to store it, I might consider something like this myself.

I seldom use very many of the fancy-dancy features on modern cameras, because I often find that figuring out the “easy” stuff is more of a pain-in-the-ass than just using the basics. In this particular exercise, however, I was assisted by using both “continuous auto-focus” and high-speed multi-frame shooting.

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