More from the Sunday Stroll

by John D September. 02, 2020 80 views

Here are a few more shots from the photo-walk I took last Sunday.

This fellow was sitting on a bench taking in the sights of the main-drag, and we had a little conversation before I asked to take his picture.

Here is a wall just down the street. I have sometimes been accused of making images that are too cold and unemotional, but I’m schizoid, and I like geometric forms and stark high-contrasts.

I criticized someone recently for using an old-timey “nostalgic” film-simulation filter gratuitously. Although these filters are very common, I think that the subject has to be very specific for it to work, and this is what I mean. This is our local, independent movie-theater. When was the last time you saw one of these operating?

The other thing to remember with these filters is that even in The Old Days (which I am old enough to have lived in) these effects were not what people wanted the photos to look like. Although this is the way many prints ended up looking after about 10-years, it was always considered a flaw of the tech. People put-up-with-it, because there was no option, not because they liked it. It is rather like putting vinyl-like pops-and-scratches into a modern digital music recording. Occasionally, it might enhance a special mood, but it’s not desirable for its own sake.

Having said that, here is another exercise leveraging a heavy old-time film-simulation however;

There is lots of statuary around town, including dozens (Seriously. I think it are around 50) fiberglass bears celebrating the local high-school. This one stands about 5-ft high. It amazes me, but some of these have been out there in public for 20-years and I’ve never seen one vandalized.

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