Memories of Mother

by John D September. 22, 2020 92 views

A while ago, someone commented that most female portraits were in soft-light, and wondered why. I opined that it was because soft-light is considered “beautifying” by blending away texture and minor flaws. There is even a light-mod called a “Beauty Dish”. Anyway, I’ve never (well, hardly ever) met a “Rule” that I didn’t want to break, so I decided that a hard-light female portrait had to be done.

This isn’t really my mother, of course. It is my wife. As an occasional actor, she needed a headshot (no, not this!)… Anyway, after the traditional performer’s headshot, I asked her to pose for this hard-light shot, as long as we were on a roll. I told her that the theme, and working title, was “A Hard Woman”, and her acting kicked in.

The title that I have ended up with is because as I was developing this (70% B&W layer and 30% color original layer), I was struck by how much this is the perfect image that I still hold today of my mother when I was a child.

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