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I have been into photography since high-school, which was over 50-years ago now and firmly in the Film-Age. I am retired from a career in data-networking, but photography is still my major hobby and creative outlet. I do a lot of commissioned photoshoots for non-profits and other small organizations in the area on a strictly volunteer basis. I have become the regular house-photographer for our local community theater this way, and I have gained a lot of experience from this gig over the years.

To me, photography is about more than just gazing at pretty pictures. I am interested in learning, and the only way to do that is by holding conversations with other photographers on the techniques and tools that we use. I am not proprietary, and be it successful or not, I am always ready to talk about what I’ve done in my photographs and why (so feel free to ask). I am also always anxious to hear from others about what they have done and discover better ways to document life and express myself in the medium.

My avatar is a photo of my own great-great-great-grandfather (b. 1792) taken by my great-grandfather, who was a professional photographer in the 1870's.


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