Via Cola di Rienzo

by Jstriffler September. 18, 2008 1443 views

Via Cola di Rienzo is the main road that I walk along each day to get to my school. It's sort of Madison Avenue for Rome. It is a very expensive area to live in. And there are plenty of high-end stores. But it also gets a lot of tourists as it is right near the Vatican.

This is a high-end men's store that I would probably shop in if I had a job - a very well paying job. The store is in the vein of Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers or J. Press.

I took this picture to show what a newstand in Rome look like. But the picture is also evidence of how everyone here rides around on mopeds and Vespas. Though they all do wear helmets. See even the little kid has a helmet on.

Note the multitude of mopeds parked on the street.

This is an indoor market.

This suit is priced at 98 euros. And unfortunately the picture does no justice to the suit - it is something Chuck Bass would wear.

Basically at every other cross-street there are vendors like this. Whereas in New York City they are selling knock-off purses and sun glasses, you can find everything from jewelry to kitchen goods to underwear.

Men's shirts - only 25 euro each.

This is one of the many fountains around the city. And no, that is not my green watering can.

Despite this being one of the more posh streets, these garbage receptacles can be found every few blocks. In Rome, you just bring your trash to the curb.

To cure my itch for returning to Las Vegas, I can always play the slot machines here. And what's really fun is with the conversion rate, you lose that much more!

A lovely outdoor vegetable stand. Wait a second, look at that guy's shopping bag - seriously, he shops at Zara?

The pharmacy stores all have these great green neon crosses to alert people where to find overpriced skin care products.

Outdoor seating for one of the many restaurants.

From one of the window displays. I wonder if I could pull of this look? Skinny bow tie and long red Jude Law scarf?

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Vj Dejan Cirovic 8 years, 8 months ago

interesting... wheres better? in store or at street market? ;)

8 years, 8 months ago Edited