Day 5: Light Paintings

by John Nelson January. 05, 2010 2449 views

The two-fold purpose of this project is to document my year in photos, and challenge myself as a part-time, amateur photographer. That could mean trying new perspectives of normal shots, or totally new-to-me type photography.

One area of photography I've always wanted to tinker with is light painting. Basically, a long shutter speed, lots of darkness, and some moving sources of light. With this, you can “paint”, like kids (& parents) do with sparklers.

So, I enlisted my two little girls for this project. They were thrilled to play with flashlights, and I was thrilled to play with my camera! The first picture is a 20-30 second shot of them going crazy all over their room. It brightened up the whole room! So fun!

The second was role-reversal. My oldest daughter (6) got to push the shutter release, while I tried my best to mime-draw a huge heart, and time it within the 10 second shutter. It's a bit wonky, but I love the end result! It's harder than you think to draw something symmetrical, going slowly and in the pitch dark!

Location: Springdale, AR
Camera: Canon Rebel XTi
Lens: Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L

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