It felt like another world...

by Juanita Rodriguez October. 30, 2016 230 views

Being from Texas I'm very much accustomed to driving through the country side. Especially if you ever find yourself driving between Dallas to Houston. I would say that 75% of that drive will consist of flat lands, a couple of small towns, hills, one  state park, and then slowly you find yourself in a big city. That was not the case during our drive from Bologna, Italy to Munich, Germany!

You start leaving the city and then BAM, these mountains kinda appear out of no where! The trees have begun changing colors, the weather is getting colder, and my heart just gets happier! This is my season:)

We took a small detour to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle. Incase you did not know (which I didn't till the day before we left for Munich) the Neuschwanstein Castle helped inspire Disney's Cinderella castle at Disney World.

We're not in Texas anymore,


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Jennifer Bellah 3 years ago

Incredible friend!

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