return of the king./

by William. May. 26, 2009 1370 views

i have been far too lax in tending to my photoblog.

when my birthday occured somewhat recently, i took two-thirds of the gang, and the french princess, on a brief holiday to the beach. the season was just established, and that brief interlude between spring and summer was almost upon us. here, Jon and I stand upon of The Sands in late afternoon… yes, a haircut was surely in my future.

on that same rooftop, tho' minutes later, sits the exotic queen. what heavy burdens rest on her crown, very few can understand. but oh, is the queen photogenic…!

i'm unsure how this will translate onto photoblog, but the color on my computer screen is rather nice, so i liked this very much.

yes, yes… i did say a haircut.

sarah and jon (who will turn the essential age of 14 on June 1st. egads, i feel old!) and the setting sun. more to come…

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