danger is our business (and business is good)

by William. June. 07, 2009 2213 views

Taking a lunch-break from mixing, the team of the band (being Yael and I) and the mixer-tho' “mixer” just doesn't seem enough- (Mark), ducked out to my beloved Sidewalks Cafe, one of the very best places to eat if you're in the East Village. And believe me- there are many fine places to eat in the East Village. It's painful to an extent, but I only go to Sidewalks if we're working in the studio; I can't go outside of that. Curses!!!

Yael finds her admirers, in somewhat bad shape. Good guys that I've seen before, though. Apparently they're both injured due to “fighting”- which I surmised to mean “jumping out of windows during robberies”- but I still gave them five bucks.

East 6th, baby. A lot of perfection was crafted on this street, on this block…. and you didn't even know it.

Mark confided to us in a rare personal moment, that often when he is put on hold, he wonders “will anyone try to stab me with a fork today?” It's why he's a recluse outside of the recording studio. But he was right- I was waiting to stab him with a fork. See?

Here Mark holds up what he called “beautiful Canadian money”, and Edward from Licorice Roots still manages a cameo and a brief plug for his band.

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Monika 11 years, 10 months ago

every business is risky... if not, its not running properly :-) you are dangerous with that fork... :-)

11 years, 10 months ago Edited
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