New Years Eve, Once More...

by William. February. 06, 2010 1759 views

Much like how I began my photoblog, I have returned to a true and tried theme: New Year's photos. This was also the first time I had used my new camera- the upgraded Canon Rebel T1i- which ran out of power *before* the ball fell- luckily, I brought the ‘old reliable’ Rebel as well. So, when the New Year began, I was using my Old camera.

This shot is too dark, too clumsy, but was the best ‘dramatic’ example I had of the instant when the confetti began to fall over Times Square. Remember? I went so that you don't have to.

Another un-stylish shot, but I wanted to capture the seconds in Times Square when the first minute of the new decade was ushered in. A true sense of palpable excitement, not as severe as when 2009 hit- I suspect some Obama-related motivation for that, as I felt it too- but a great moment I do not regret missing out on. Many people comment to me about the touristic nature of Times Square on New Years… I would like to point out how many international tourists come to the city, and we always have the chance to chat and meet with people from many countries, whether it be Italy or Israel. This is something most people should try once in their lives.

This was the last photograph I took in 2009, and the last photograph I took in the decade, obviously. Somewhat fitting, even if I don't feel 2009 was spent entirely in the gutters. :)

An actual shot of legendary Photoblog members TheComptess and SirJon, both of whom, yes, I know in “real life” ! Of course, I was shocked to run into them in Times Square, but they had both went trying to buy ‘Hairspray The Musical’ tickets, only to find out what I knew sadly in advance.

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