trinity bellwoods

by Julia Gotz May. 19, 2007 6924 views

another saturday in a city park


practicing Qigong

flying dog, paws never seem to touch the ground

gotta fly

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Murasaki 10 years ago

I LOVE the flying dog!!! He doesn't even look like a dog- he looks more like a Teddy Bear! :)

10 years ago Edited
Baiska 10 years ago

The second one is my favorite!

10 years ago Edited
Toby Hinshaw 10 years ago

I love the pictures of Qigong. The last one is great, he isn't even touching the ground!

10 years ago Edited
Richard S 10 years ago

Love the compositions in the Qigong shots. And that little dog is great. :)

10 years ago Edited
Julia Gotz 10 years ago

Honestly, that dog KILLED me. They were in a hurry, and moving fast. She was throwing the ball really far as she walked, and this little thing was zooming along, faster then a speeding bullet. When his feet did touch the ground, he sprung like a little bunny.

10 years ago Edited
Nicole 10 years ago

i wanna kidnap that dog!!!

10 years ago Edited
Reeta_Beeta 10 years ago

That last pic is amazing!!!

10 years ago Edited
Carley 10 years ago

Love that flying dog!!! (Maybe if I practice my qigong a little harder I can get a dog to levitate?)

10 years ago Edited
Howard 10 years ago

My dog doesn't fly :-(

10 years ago Edited
Tortoise 10 years ago

Gotta get me one of them hoverdogs.

10 years ago Edited
Desiree 10 years ago

tai chi and airborne pups! what a great set!

10 years ago Edited