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Central Tech is a massive high school around the corner from me. I pass the running track/playing field every day, and I figure it's a good place to get to for the last half hour of good light if I finish work on time.

Yesterday, The Toronto Dragons [] were using the field for their rugby practice. You would have to work hard to find someone who knows less about rugby then me. I learned a lot listening to the coach. It's a challenge to shoot something so far from my own experience. I wonder what a person learns through playing a contact sport like rugby. The cliche is that men aren't in touch with their feelings, but when I watch the practice, I think how out of touch I am with the range of feelings expressed here.

I know women who have been seriously into team sports, and I feel they have a particular aspect of self-knowledge that I admire. I want an opportunity to photograph women's sports soon. If anyone has suggestions for women's athletics in downtown Toronto, let me know.












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Stormfish 13 years ago

gosh... *frowns"... men and their balls...

but again (and i don't really get if you do this on purpose), you're portraying the monstrous gawking of normality in your shots. i love that. it's a picture style i fail to master since years. and it looks to light and easy in your pics... *sigh*

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Jon 13 years ago

excellent post !

we have women's rugby clubs in New Jersey and they play tough as hell

13 years ago Edited
Sandra 13 years ago

this is an amazing post, the movements, the expressions, the ruggedness, the determination, the strength, everything is so well captured. great!

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Matt Ross 13 years ago

Interesting set. I love the expressions.

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Rebecca Cipolla 13 years ago

great focus and expressions. I think I like the black and whites best.

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Lori 13 years ago

You did a fabulous job capturing the intensity of the players. The players would probably really like to have copies of the shots you took. Like you, I know nothing about the game but it looks so much more physical than other sports.

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Carley 13 years ago

Really interesting! This is a foreign world to me to, and it's fascinating!

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Tortoise 13 years ago

Gritty, but needs more blood.

13 years ago Edited
Abe Jackson 13 years ago

..lots of intensity..

13 years ago Edited
Toby Hinshaw 13 years ago

Man...I would love to take some photos of rugby. I don't get to follow it as much as I would like, but I think it is a fascinating game. These are great. I love the first one and the facial expression on #4 is great.

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