gentle power

by Julia Gotz August. 29, 2007 13992 views

I love Toni's class, which I take on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

She has a great ability to support each student at their own level, and she's a wonderful teacher.

The camera was an intrusion in the peaceful focus of the class, and I tried to keep a distance. If she's willing, I may take more photos of Toni doing yoga on her own after a class.

Toni Swikis teaches at Eclipse College Street and other locations. See her website [] for information.

Toni thoughtfully watching her students during the Tuesday morning yoga class.

Always positive, letting you know what you are doing well, and offering ways to 'play with' the position - encouraging us to find our own way in to the experience.

You can see how she's truly interested in each student's practice, no matter what level we're at.

She's full enthusiasm for yoga, so her gentleness has the sparkle of high spirits.

demonstrating subtle adjustments in a posture.

Her necklace says love, and she's true to her message.

finding her way into a balancing posture. yes, she's so lovely. and she's more then that, too.

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Leo 13 years, 10 months ago

elegant grl

13 years, 10 months ago Edited
Sean 14 years ago

A beautiful and photogenic woman.

14 years ago Edited
Eddied125 14 years ago

Did you find it difficult doing the exercises with the camera in hand? :) Couldn't resist. Very intense pictures and she looks like she knows what she's doing. Good photos....... :)

14 years ago Edited
Bhim 14 years ago

..............than u also positive. thanks
nice theme.

14 years ago Edited
Mikkal Noptek 14 years ago

Very nice pictures and what a beautiful teacher

14 years ago Edited
K C Ng 14 years ago

Beautiful capture!!!

14 years ago Edited
Jendayee 14 years ago

she radiates peacefulness ! great post !

14 years ago Edited
Michel Beroard 14 years ago

When she teaches, she looks so quiet !

14 years ago Edited
Tortoise 14 years ago


14 years ago Edited
David Cardona 14 years ago

Six on my favorites! Thanks for sharing!

14 years ago Edited
David Cardona 14 years ago

prEtty wOmAn to say at least. wOndErfUl portrait! Congrats!

14 years ago Edited
K 14 years ago

Thanks for sharing!!
She's really pretty!!
n#5 goes to my favs!

14 years ago Edited
Reeta_Beeta 14 years ago

#6 is my fave.... shows her strength & vulernability.

14 years ago Edited
Emme Tan 14 years ago

she is very pretty!

14 years ago Edited
Jorge Cardoso 14 years ago

as a yogi myself, I just LOVE THIS SET!!!
# 6 gone to the FAV list.

(check my blog entry of May 11th "this is for Jacquie... relax... breath...")

t2d4th :(
Olivia Newton-John and yoga!!!!!????? Pleeeease! :(
you got it all wrong...

14 years ago Edited
Lisa 14 years ago

Beautiful set. THIS is a beautiful, powerful portrait of woman.

14 years ago Edited
Toby Hinshaw 14 years ago

Role some Olivia Newton John and let me start some yoga. :-)

14 years ago Edited
Gary 14 years ago

Don't know why I love the b&w pictures.

14 years ago Edited
Abbeyh13 14 years ago

awesome title!!
I love the black and white shots!!
she is sooo beautiful, can I please have her body!!
looks like a great class!

14 years ago Edited
Carley 14 years ago

These are very beautiful.... That class must be a joy to take!
I would love to see some shots of Toni doing yoga!

14 years ago Edited
Kayya Macuch 14 years ago

I wish I had such a teacher

14 years ago Edited
Edward Phillips 14 years ago

These are fab - especially the first - great shots

14 years ago Edited
Soyam 14 years ago


14 years ago Edited
Toby Hinshaw 14 years ago

These are wonderful. #4 is my favorite ...but all of these are terrific.

14 years ago Edited
Sepes 14 years ago

guapa modelo, muy bien

14 years ago Edited
! 14 years ago

very strong women

14 years ago Edited