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by Juergen November. 15, 2009 1632 views

Naranjito has been a couple of times at the doctor now. We found out, that he has a chronic inflammation of his small intestine. The inflammation was on an extremely high level last week and can never be stopped, according to our vet. For making the best out of it, he received a high level shot of cortisone and from today on 10mg every day out of crushed tablets mixed in his food. All that treatment is possible because his liver and renal blood levels were good.

His pancreas blood levels still shows a tendency to a lackage of producing enzymes. Therefore we continue on with a treatment of enzyme medicals. Fortunately he likes eating food with that small amount of powder mixed in.

The cortisone treatment made him feel much better now. He is much more active, gained a little weight and power. He is not that much tired any more as he was last week.

The bad side of the story is, that his lifetime will likely be very much limited due to his chronic inflammation of his small testine. But we will make the best out of it and hope that he will become a real tomecat again very soon.

Naranjito is relaxing everywhere since he is feeling better

And he likes endless crawling sessions very much :-)

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Lynda 11 years, 4 months ago

Lucky boy to have you taking good care of him. Hope he continues to get well.

11 years, 4 months ago Edited