Naranjitos dental surgery

by Juergen February. 16, 2011 2552 views

Today we had to bring Naranjito to the doctor in order to remove some dental calculus. He had pain while eating cat food made of nuggets and his teeth looked bad overall. The food we give to him did not cause this. This issue is related to very bad food he has received in Spain, when he was living in the streets.
The photo we shot has been taken at the doctor. He wasn't allowed to eat anything since midnight, so he wasn't amused about this.
According to the doctor there is a chance that he will not wake up anymore, because his liver and inflammation blood levels are not good while his kidney level is green.

Update 11:51
Good news: Naranjito woke up
Bad news: He lost almost all his teeth and he has a lot of pain while getting awake. He is still under surveillance at the doctor until 5pm.
The doctor had to remove the teeth because they were in a very bad condition and causing a lot of pain to him. An inflammation at the jaw bone, related to this, has also been detected.

Update 18:50: Naranjito is back and lost a lot of teeth. You may count and analyze all of them. Most of them have bad holes. He must have had a lot of pain. Naranjito is able to walk now stable, have been on his toilet and has eaten a little in the last 60 minutes.

Update 10pm: Naranjito is very very tired, but he ate twice and drunk very much. He is able to climb our stairs by himself in order to reach his cat-toilette. He slept 2 hours on the couch now. Lucy is avoiding him this evening.

Before the surgery

All teeth lost view

Lost teeth turned 180 degrees angle

Naranjito tired at 10pm

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Lynda 10 years, 1 month ago

Poor puss. I had 2 Abyssinian cats several years ago who had gum infections and dental problems. Now there are products you can give a cat which prevent plaque on the teeth. 1 is called Dentabits and the best is an oral care product by Hills which is nuggets and my 3 love them. Hope this is helpful for any future cats you may have.

10 years, 1 month ago Edited