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These are the new crosswalks our town put in on our street before the start of school this year. Our street has been recently widened and repaved and these are the finishing touches. They are kind of cool - it's like they're stamped into the blacktop. They contain the crest of Minster, which gave me pause to see what the crest was and what the symbols represent. So here goes ………

“The crest of the Village of Minster, is indictive of the faith and heritage, the ethis of hard work, the practical use of common sense, and the good fellowship inherent to the community.”

The Cross - represents the strong Christian faith of the community.

The Acorn - a symbol of the Saxon tribes to whom the oak leaf served as a symbol of strength.

The Canal Boat - the Miami and Erie Canal reached Minster in 1843 - connecting Cincinnati on the Ohio River with Toledo of Lake Erie and provided a link between the markets of New Orleans and New York. The canal greatly aided the population and economic growth of the community.

The Horse Heads - another ancient symbol of the Saxon nature religion. These heads were placed at the peak of the front gable of old homestead farmhouses to ward off evil and thus served as an omen of good fortune.

So, there's your history lesson for the day. :)
If any “Minster-ites” know of any exsisting horseheads on any old farmhouses, I'd love to get some pictures of them. That would be cool.

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Karen 12 years, 4 months ago

Cool picture and post.Thanks for the history lesson.

12 years, 4 months ago Edited