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Theme of the Week: Valuable The city gate standing still makes contrast to the traffic flow. The valuable is loved things which remain the same even if time…

It's first Christmas tree I met this year. By the way, Taiwan isn't a Christian country but people like to celebrate it. I guess people just like holidays…

中午時段,一些朋友在校園裡表演口琴,不少路過的人駐足欣賞。 My friends made a performance in the campus during the lunchtime. Many passersby stood and listened.

“Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.” - Rabindranath Tagore 「生如夏花之絢爛,死若秋葉之靜美」(泰戈爾)

台灣知名樂團--蘇打綠的表演。 The performer is Sodagreen, a popular band in Taiwan. 成名歌曲:小情歌 most popular song:a little love song [youtube.com]

I took these photos through the window of long-distance bus. The word “口” means exit in Chinese. This city is many people's exit of hopeless life.
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