Edim514 Project's posts from November 2016

My wife and I spent the day decorating the house for Christmas. We even went and cut down our tree today. The house smells amazing!

My Father-In-Law and I were able to see Penn State beat Michigan State at Beaver Stadium. This win means that Penn State is the Big Ten East Champions and will…

My wife Jenna and I got to meet our friends' new baby girl. Quinn was born on Black Friday and is healthy and happy.

Our stud muffin boy Archie was feeling lazy after we brought him home some Turkey on Thanksgiving. He loved it, but he was not immune to the sleepy evening…

My wife Jenna and I spent the afternoon looking for a new sofa and trying to beat the upcoming shopping traffic.

Heres a screenshot from my Snapchat story from today. Archie was able to make some new friends and burn off some energy at the dog park. This is easily his…

Was able to get a morning walk in today due to a late start (8:00am) in-service. Archie could get used to this.
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