Chair Massage

by Mari October. 05, 2012 3601 views

A masseuse comes to our building every payday to give employees a chair massage. I decided to give it a try since I've been so tense and achy lately. I thought Patty was going to die laughing when my left leg started twitching as she worked through my tight shoulders. I was like an over-satisfied puppy at her mercy. She has magical hands man… MA-GI-CAL!

When I was about to pay Patty, she says to me, “You are already taken cared of. Your friend said she is sorry you failed your test.”

I answered, “That Bitch!” and we both laughed hard.

BFL surprised me again. This means war. She won't know what hit her when I return the favor. Oh it's on sistah… it's so ON! =D

Love this lady… forever.

Patty Small-Moseley, highly recommended.

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