Toyota Month

by Mari March. 28, 2013 2209 views

It started with the Nissan’s transmission going out. We got it repaired for $4500 only to realize there’s a weird sound coming from the engine.

We found a 2008 4runner V8 limited with 37K miles on it. It was like pulling teeth to get the dealer to agree to my price but we won that battle. Ben is in love with his new ride. I bet he even secretly named it. Ha!

A week later, I almost ran over someone (again) because I’ve always had a hard time with visibility in my Camry (short person curse). I looked around for deals and found a 2011 Rav4 with 21K miles on it. I cannot believe how much easier it was to drive and how my visibility improved by at least 90%. I got a great deal on it and a high trade value on my Camry so I’m only paying $10 more a month as a result.

I don’t like the idea of getting back into more debt but now is a great time to buy a car. Rates are low and they are paying top dollar for trade.

We plan on keeping these for a long time. I hear you can get more than 200K out of them. *crossing fingers*



Someone is ready for spring.

Got in the car this morning and found this on my phone holder. Nikka has already taken over. Hahaha!

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