Mother's Day Lunch

by Mari May. 10, 2013 2134 views

New Horizon was having a mother’s day lunch event so I went and visited Nikka at daycare. She was so surprised to see me that she was in tears. She sat on my lap the whole time and fed me my lunch while asking, “Is it yummy, Mommy?” Unfortunately, I had to get back to work and it broke her heart that she couldn't go with me. She took her blanket, puppy, and binky from her cubby then laid in the middle of the floor and decided to take a depressing nap instead of sending me off. The other kids around her were still having fun with their mommies, but she decided she was too sad to join them.

She didn't cry or fuss when I left; she just lifelessly waved goodbye from the floor.

I've never wanted to ditch work more than ever in my life.

Nikka was taking pictures of us.

Self portraits

Daycare made this for all the mommies. Look at that little hand.

Mother's day birdhouse gift that Nikka made (with Daddy's help).

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Jennifer Venter 6 years, 7 months ago

So cute !

6 years, 7 months ago Edited