As a commentary on the past

by Samuel Kallo July. 15, 2017 359 views
the beginning future

the beginning future

A did not share posts recently but photos were born. I am rather a photographer (almost) than a blogger so the reason is... myself. :D

I promised to introduced my city so here is another piece of the 'pledge'.

My city, Szeged is a really ancient city (in it's genre) - the oldest word was written in 1183 about it. May 21 The day of Szeged, in which 298 years ago (1719), the empreor Károly Habsburg the third declared the settlement as a free royal town on that day. Szeged is today the third most populated city in the country (163,000 inhabitants), the cultural center of the Alföld ('Great Plain'), and has been one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

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