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With a tear in my eye?

Bless you.

Don Witt
Connellsville Jr. High West

Oh, you are GOOD! Want me to share this with the full band???

Thanks much!



My name is Dave Webber and I am the Band Director at Boone County High School in Florence, Kentucky. I just finished reading your article in SBO and felt compelled to email you.

I just wanted to tell you how much the article meant to me and how much insight on this tragedy it gave. My band and I discussed this situation on several occasions and just wanted you to know about another band program that has you and your band in their prayers.

Take care,



My name is Cliff Graham and I am the director of bands at Bowie High School in Bowie, TX. I just read your article in SBO magazine and was nearly in tears in my office reading it. I was a band director for 16 years, got out of the business and went in to music retail for 10 years and just this year came back to my calling. It continues to amaze me the strength and spirit that comes from bands and band music participation. At times like you are having, I am so pleased to be a part of this noble profession, knowing what we can contribute to society and to each other. I admire all that you and the MV's have done to help everyone through this tragedy.

Great article, many thanks and my prayers.

Cliff Graham
Director of Bands
Bowie High School


I am a Jr. High Band Director at Lubbock-Cooper Jr. High in Lubbock, TX. (Bobby Knight coaches here at Texas Tech) I have just read your article about how the VT Marching Band helped heal a great many people and I was very touched. Music does heal and it is great to see this in action first hand. Thank you for sharing your story and for my Band Semester Final, we are all going to read this article after our theory test and lean a “real life lesson”.

God Bless,

Dale Stelzer
Lubbock-Cooper Jr. High School Band Director

It's snowing! :)

Here's my magazine! :)

Page 20… :)


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