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This Jaipur [karansguesthouse.wordpress.com] Bougainvillea is gloriously in full bloom in Jaipur right now!

Do you know about the people who photograph and blog everything they eat? So many people are doing this that camera manufacturers are even providing a setting…

Gulmohar is in full bloom in Jaipur right now.Definitely worth another look. This Jaipur [karansguesthouse.wordpress.com]

Amaltas usually flowers in May.But because of the changing weather conditions it has flowered in April this year. This Jaipur [karansguesthouse.wordpress.com]

This Jaipur [karansguesthouse.wordpress.com] It is April.Summer has set in.These two trees have started to blossom in large numbers around Jaipur.

These are some of the trees in full bloom in Jaipur this Basant. This Jaipur [karansguesthouse.wordpress.com]
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