An Apparently Haunted Cabin, at least that is the story

by Karman December. 01, 2010 2642 views

In the late 1800's a slave girl was caring for the children of this home. The parents left to go to town about 5 miles away and when they returned one of their children had been drowned. The next day they left to “go to town” and returned to find the slave girl attempting to drown another child. The trial was held in Phelps County Missouri and she was hanged for her crimes.
It is said that she haunts this home to this day, I have yet to capture anything that appears to be a haunting. However, I did capture some oddly purple haze near a tree and the one edge of the house.
For more information follow this link to Snelson Brinker Cabin []

My understanding is that this was her home, she lived here after taking care of the children up at the big house

A hand built fireplace

The other fireplace in the other 1/2 of the house

The back side of the cabin

Hand Hewn Logs build the walls with mud chinked in between to hold them together and keep the wind out with the warmth in.

This odd purple haze showed up after the download, did not see it while taking the photographs.

An old tree in the yard

The storehouse where they would store foods; meats, veggies, etc.

This purple haze was by this tree, it was not there when the photo was being taken, just there after downloaded. The two in this set with purple are the only two with purple and all were taken at the same time.

Another old twisted treat with an old rail fence.

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