Scavenger Saturday

by Karman October. 29, 2011 2501 views

The Scavenger Hunt
Every Saturday, one of us generates a random list of 5 words, using a word generator website.
We have one week to complete the list.
We post our results on the following Saturday.
We tag our posts SHyymmdd.
We add a link to our post to let others find posts easily.
There are no winners/losers - just friends playing the game.

To see more Hunters visit HERE []

To Join the Hung visit HERE [] The More the Merrier!!

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Jacki 8 years, 12 months ago

ha ha... your 'beach' got me laughing.... I like it!

8 years, 12 months ago Edited
Marsha 8 years, 12 months ago

Fantastic work on the hunt, Karman! Great shots and some words to remember....especially #3!

8 years, 12 months ago Edited
Geya Besse Junqueira 8 years, 12 months ago

Meaningful... love it !

8 years, 12 months ago Edited
Nagy László 8 years, 12 months ago

Wonderful shots!!

8 years, 12 months ago Edited
Oscar 8 years, 12 months ago

Such AMAZING photos the sayings as well....the shot of the two guitars is FANTASTIC!! :)

8 years, 12 months ago Edited
Ricardo 8 years, 12 months ago

I love expecially the 1# (i love family portraits and hugs!)
and I love the guitars! :)

8 years, 12 months ago Edited

Great treasures !! I love this set :) Many different pictures that give different feelings :)

9 years ago Edited
Masoud Ahmadpoor 9 years ago

like #1,#2!

9 years ago Edited
Eric J H Joyce 9 years ago

Great post.

9 years ago Edited
Brenda Nelson 9 years ago

Precious photo of you two "girls", and I love the reflection in #2. The rest are just plain ole' smart, Karman, in Redneck terminology!

9 years ago Edited
Art Bee 9 years ago

Great Hunting Karman! Your Granddaughter looks like you!....Looks like your beach is well used....Beautiful scenic roadway.....High in the sky guitars, nice collection so far...... Guns are outlawed in Canada except for hunting....and they have to be registered....criminals don't care about laws. Love your text though....
Well Done Finds!

9 years ago Edited
Claire 9 years ago

beautiful set !

9 years ago Edited
Petre Sandu 9 years ago

interesting photos !

9 years ago Edited
Eric 9 years ago

nice scavenger set :)

9 years ago Edited
Leslie D 9 years ago

Hoo-ray for nice big chest hugs!
Nice redneck beach and hilarious *text*!
All nice selections Karman.

9 years ago Edited
Marilyn Grimble 9 years ago

Very enjoyable...I like seeing how others interpret!

9 years ago Edited
Patricia Gonzales 9 years ago

Great set~

9 years ago Edited