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So many times in life we look at the dark and wonder what can go wrong next; yet we fail to see the tiny spot of light that gives us a bit of hope.

There are many times in life that we choose to attempt to blend in with society. . . but yet we end up standing out from the crowd.

May Wonderful Memories of Those Lost Replace The Pain Of The Loss It Self. May Peace Cover Those Who Are Facing The Pain Of The Memory Of This Day.

Each day we work to find the right things in our lives. Maybe we should have fun finding the pieces of our lives…..I wonder the difference it would make??

There are days that you wake up and feel that your self confidence has taken a vacation. Getting your confidence back is half the battle……..

If we would only recognize that our joy only comes from within ourselves and no one else can EVER make us happy what a wonderful place this would be; so much…

So often we don't realize just how much our friends mean to us until they are gone. To all my friends; Thank You for being a part of my life

Playing with edits and could not choose the better. So I posted both! Either way the idea is that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! and YOU SHOULD SHINE!!

So many times in life we forget that those who ask us “How are you today?” are not trying to get into our business, they are simply trying to make sure someone…

What I wanted most in this life was to make a difference. A BIG difference. Now I am finding out that the little differences I make do make a BIG difference.

So many times life is just in darkness. Yet if we look around it may be that it is only the dawn opening up to us our next opportunity.

So many times as we age the youth of the world think we can not know because the world is so different. The differences are not as much as we think, we can…
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