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These cakes have become soft after some time but did not make it. It's nothing that some were a little harder browned. On the second day were not even crumbs……

Maybe this is the key to happines… Still feel like 19 even if you turn 35? What's my age again? [youtube.com]

As a drink for this dish I recommend a beer or a glass of red wine and after all, strong coffee and dessert (if you still have a place in your stomach :))

Recently I am a little less active here. All because of the hand injury that happened to me a week ago. Nothing serious, just overworked muscle but some regular…

I'm a big fan of cheesecakes, especially those made from curd cheese but I like also yoghurt cheesecakes and ‘'cold’' cheesecakes :)

Croissants with cream cheese, tea with lemon and raspberry juice it's a great weapon against the cold :)

All cheesecakes near me disappear so fast... so I have to take pictures so quick as I can :) This was my birthday coffee (cheese)cake :)
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