My Fairytale

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Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Australia, there lived a girl called Kate who lived with her family. One day, her family decided to travel to the other side of the world, to make new adventures and meet new people. First the family travelled to a faraway kingdom called Amalfi. They were mesmerised by its beauty. The family had stayed in a beautiful monastery called the Hotel Luna where they were treated like royalty and like family. Amalfi had placed its mark on the family’s hearts and so they decided to return every year. Years passed, when Kate turned 16 she met a boy called Alfonso who worked at the Hotel Luna.

Our first Photo

Our first Photo

In the cloister

In the cloister

Kate could not speak his language and he spoke limited English but they would get by. He would tell her about the turtles who lived in the well in the cloister. When he found the right opportunity, he asked her to go out to enjoy the sites of his beloved kingdom. But her parents would not allow it as Kate was too young.

Finally when Kate turned 18, her parents permitted her to see the sites of Amalfi with Alfonso. On their first outing, they talked about the beautiful sites of Amalfi.

The second outing, Fonzy took Kate to a beautiful place of panoramic views of the coastline.

He finally asked Kate “So how do you feel about me?”

“I feel like I want to kiss you now” Kate said under her breath.

“What did you say” He urged.

“Nothing” Kate replied. Then Alfonso realised what she had said and caressed her chin as he kissed her lips. From that moment, Kate had forgotten everything and felt under his spell. So much under his spell that he bit her lip so hard that blood gushed out and Kate needed two serviettes to stop her flesh wound.

For the remainder of the family’s holiday, Kate spent more time with Fonzy and the more time they spent together, the more they fell in love. Last night of the Saint Andrea festival, they sat in the boat and kissed under the stars and fireworks of the festival.

Summer had passed and Kate returned to finish her schooling. The couple talked over Skype and kept in contact. Suddenly in September, when Alfonso was riding his scooter, there was oil on the road and he slipped.

The scooter slid and rebounded on the tunnel catapulting back to Fonzy hitting his legs. Alfonso broke both of his legs from thighs down to his ankles. Meanwhile Kate was finishing school, she heard of the news and after graduation flew over the other side of the world to be with him. Alfonso was bed bound, isolated and stranded in his house where he was surrounded by stairs and couldn't walk or go anywhere. Kate stayed with him for the remainder of the winter. Little by little, she encouraged him to walk bit by bit. He improved each day and by the time Kate had to return to her faraway land, Alfonso could walk. He was quite upset so his family encouraged him to book his ticket to go to this faraway land called Australia.

Alfonso visited Kate in Australia, they explored this faraway land and went on a cruise o the island, to Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney making the most of their time together. After visiting Kate in Australia, Kate went back to Italy to see Fonzy in the summer time.

Then in Kate’s faraway land, the rule was for foreigners who wanted to work and live had to do fruit picking for 88 days to obtain a visa. Alfonso came to Australia in the summer of Australia and picked fruit for 88 days in a place called Waikerie near Adelaide. These days were rough and difficult as it was exactly a year since Alfonso had broken his legs. Kate helped Alfonso for the first couple of days and struggled. Alfonso did not know how to cook for himself, being with his mother who always did the cooking, Fonzy was starving and had to teach himself how to cook. When Fonzy was in this desert of a place, he had to pick a bin of oranges for $18 which would take a whole day to pick.

The place exploited him and so many other foreigners to pick fruit and still do till this very day. Having to pay rent for a place with asbestos in the ceiling, bed bugs, having to pay for transport to the farms and to buy food for himself. Each day was a nightmare, but Fonzy’s love for Kate encouraged him to complete his 88 days in order for him to be able to work and live with Kate in Australia.

Alfonso got work in Australia but was drawn back by family commitments.

Kate and Alfonso continue this love affair and have been doing long distance for 4 years. Now letting the tables turn, the future is unclear but their love for each other grows stronger each day. As the say Distance doesn’t matter when you love someone so much.

So anything is possible for the impossible.

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