Hit or Miss; All hail Sita bus

by Vegemite Spaghetti April. 07, 2018 2622 views

Buses on the Amalfi coast are always a hit or miss. Its great to think you are doing the right thing, waiting in line, in fact I got reminded by an Italian lady of the invisible non existent line of the bus the other day. Well, not in this case, first in best dressed as they say!

Ooo and just wait when you travel during school hours, be prepared to be elbowed in the ribs by the bambini who barge through racing to nonnas house for pranzo.

Hint: Always go a little bit beyond the bus stop as Sita won't stop for anyone. They will always do what they want to do and forget arguing with them or they will ban you from public transport for life.

Play it cool. Take it as it comes. If you definitely have to catch that bus it's ok to push, pushing here will get you the ride. Thanks Sita bus for your kind hospitality and for always finding a way to make me laugh 😂

I was he lucky one!

I was he lucky one!

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