Jive away at Franco's Bar Positano

by Vegemite Spaghetti June. 03, 2018 2782 views

I admit this was the first time ever I had gone to Franco's bar for a well deserved drink. I was dying to know what all the hype was about so off I went!

The thing about Franco's bar is that you must dress to impress (There is a dress codes so leave your flip flops and short shorts at home!) There is a lady at the front who will designate you to the nearest available table but if you show up at 7:00 when everyone else shows up you will have to wait your turn. For those who don't like waiting from 5-10 minutes you could find this frustrating but if you have a good set of gams to stand elegantly with your cocktail, you're all set!

Lemon tree centre piece, a striking neo-Baroque fountain and a glorious view of Positano, what could be more atmospheric?

Finally I sat down with my french martini followed by green olives, pop corn. After tomato and mozzarella canapés were also served to my table. There I just sat in awe of a Positano and couldn't get over that it wasn't a postcard but it was the real deal.

They've got some great remixed tunes that send you jiving and swaying away in your seat. Franco's is known as the watering hole where everyone from everywhere comes to mingle. Although I was alone this evening, I certainly didn't feel excluded at all. The first thing the waitress asked me was

" Solo tu?"

I answered "Si, solo io" but she replied kindly and said " No worries! Here we are all very social. We are your new friends." When she said that I felt really at home and was comfortable meeting and talking with new people from all over the world. Also the fun fact of meeting new people after observing their photography skills is that you can always guarantee a great shot. In fact a lovely lady with her friends took a photo on her iphone x and sent it to me and the quality was amazing also this time of the evening is the magic hour for photography lovers.

The overall experience was delightful and there was such a great vibe and when you are by yourself it is just as fun as when you are in a group.

Tips & Tricks: Patience Patience Patience.

Early bird catches the worm. If you get there at 7:00 and can't find the table that you were imagining and get hot and flustered and start bartering with the waitress, know that how you react will greatly determine if you're in or out. They are doing the best they can to accommodate for everyone but if you decide to take it out on them you will be told to go have drinks elsewhere. If you want a table next to the view make a reservation! @ francosbar.com

Tips & Tricks: My wallet is hurting

I do suggest if it is a Saturday night and you are wanting a great night out, that pre drinking will save your wallet. The cocktails here I will admit are expensive (equivalent to home actually) but this will be a one in a lifetime experience for you. Will you ever be resting on a rooftop bar, cocktail in hand, overlooking Positano again? No you won't so that's why you should treat yourself and do it!

You won't regret it I promise you :)

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Camellia Staab 2 years, 11 months ago

Loved your photo and your narrative. Made me miss Positano tremendously! Thanks for sharing grinning

2 years, 11 months ago Edited
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