Day 1 - Many projects at once...

by Catherine Amelie Meury January. 11, 2018 950 views

In the next 365 days, I will document many projects coming together at once: Moving from DC to Paris, starting anew with my family in Europe, trying to find my professional self...I'm a radio producer, who loves storytelling, but I haven't told a story in a very long time. Motherhood was my latest focus. It's now time to put the focal point back on me. And so here, I will learn a new skill: photography. The end game: doing photo and audio essays.

Day 1 - Playing around with Aperture priority mode.

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Lisa Britton 2 years, 1 month ago

Welcome - This is a great place to play, post, learn, share and enjoy photography.
A 365 project is so fun, it can be a struggle, but the end accomplishment is so worth it.
Good Luck and above all have FUN!

2 years, 1 month ago Edited