Day 3 - Shutter speed blunders

by Catherine Amelie Meury January. 13, 2018 877 views

So today, I tried the Shutter priority mode to create the basic two effects: motion blur and freeze motion. Usually, you have to find a waterfall or river near you to test it out...I had no time to do this but I find a nice exercise on the Digital Photography School website. So I lied back on my bed, shot straight up at the ceiling fan. Lighting was an issue though. Don't know why the photos are not sharp. I played around with the ISO and still not quite sharp. It was 10 am and sunny outside...Maybe a White balance issue. If you have any comments or tips, please don't hesitate. I'm starting here! Here are the best two photos of this session.

Speed 1/8000  F/ 2.2 Lens 50mm 1.8

Speed 1/8000 F/ 2.2 Lens 50mm 1.8

Speed 1/50  F/ 13.0 Lens 50mm 1.8

Speed 1/50 F/ 13.0 Lens 50mm 1.8

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Lisa Britton 3 years ago

#2 is cool

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Russell Smith 3 years ago

I love doing experiments/exercises like this. If you are shooting in jpg play with the white balance and see how it changes the look of the colors . As far as sharp not sharp the top picture looks relatively sharp to me there maybe a bit of softness in the blades but that is most likely due to the aperture being f-2.2 . The bigger the number the more will be infocus Downside is the larger the number the higher the iso or the slower the shutter speed has to  be for a proper exposure. It is a push and pull type thing .

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Catherine Amelie Meury Replied to Russell Smith 3 years ago

Thank you Russel. I am shooting in jpeg and that was my next step: ISO. So I feel am in the right track...Anymore exercise to suggest?

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