Day 40 - Rule of third

by Catherine Amelie Meury February. 19, 2018 504 views

This was a tricky one. They say that humans do this naturally. Painters, photographers, random DC mother...But when put on the spot to do it, I had a hard time. The conditions weren't incredible: gray and rainy day.

Plus, I have a question: I was shooting with 50mm. What would have been a better lens for landscapes ? What is your go to lens ? I have a kit lens (18mm-155mm)...

Great Falls National Park, Virginia.

Great Falls National Park, Virginia.

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Marij Bär 1 year, 6 months ago

Beautiful landscape. If I had your posibity of choosing lenses, I would choose 18-155 mm for landscape and 50 mm for portrait. And I would focus on your rule of third point to get that point sharp and use 18 mm

1 year, 6 months ago Edited