Hidden Oasis

by Katherine Kassens December. 07, 2016 608 views

I have tried but often failed at trying to compare Madrid to any city I have been in the United States. One of those being New York City, a place more magical then Narnia. I may have only spent about 10 minutes in Central Park when I went to the Big Apple five years ago, so it could be unfair to say that Retiro Park by far triumphs it.

But in a place with architecture that screams "HISTORY" while still keeping a young and modern feel to the atmosphere, you can't help but to be in awe. It is definitely possible to wander for hours on the white paved sidewalks and not really know where you're going. But in all honestly, why would you want to rush through a place like this? The contrast between the city and this beautifully preserved landscape is absolutely incredible. You walk through the iron gates and it doesn't even feel like you're in the city anymore. And don't even get me started with the fresh air!

Europeans have been notorious for years on their smoking habits. Yet, in this beautiful place, most if not all have put down the nicotine and tobacco. Smoking I believe is not forbidden in the park, but people seem to stop out of respect for the trees or something. Regardless, my lungs appreciate each pure, clean, 100% oxygen breathe I take. And while the leaves are on the ground and the air is somewhat cold, I anticipate the day when I will be back to see and spend another day at this little oasis in the heart of Madrid.

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