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The KIng Cat…so fearsome their cousins (tigers) are still feared.This cat still has that ferociousness in its EYES !!!! MEOW

“BHoota Kola” A Tradition of ancestor worship followed in Mangalore,Karnataka.This unique tradition found also in Kerala…separates this place from the rest of…

One of the Most Beautiful Locations.Every time I go for a sunset shoot,there is a riot of colors in the sky and the Light HOuse always stand tall.

Its always a difficult decision whether to shoot the sunset at Light House or shout the Light House At Sunset because both are terrific.

For Me…..This Place is God's Painting.Every Minute Detail taken care of, to make this place look like Heaven On Earth

Sunset is unique every time…You dont know what will you find in the next sunset……This time a cloud crown for the beautiful sunset.

NOt Really…the kids were playing and the birds were busy fishing…but looks as if the kids were being attacked
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