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Long back I had heard this song “God is watching us ……from a distance” It used to be one of my fav songs. Years later I found out this to be true. Check the…

JUST ASK!!! An accidental shot where a marketing thing was lying in front of Lord Ganesha. Ironic that we also ‘JUST ASK" the God’s when needed :)

Dream Away….How I wish I could stare timelessly at this beautiful creation of God instead of staring at the concrete jungles….. I wish I could Dream Away….

This flower caught my attention as such a beautiful thing had fallen on a muddy path.That is Life .

An Advertising Company “Bright” casting Darkness on the Future by defacing the mountain.Shot on the Mumbai-Pune Highway

As my one year old daughter takes her first train journey she looks around on the beauty life has to offer. She is already on the train on a Journey Called Life…
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