Egypt - Day 8

by Cheez K February. 22, 2008 1032 views

Cairo, Pyramids, Sphinx, Citadel, Mosque of Mohammed Ali

Our guide was telling us about the residential buildings in Cairo. Some of these have been bought and owned by families living in there, and when their children get married and have a family of their own they just add another floor to the top… so the buildings look like they are perpetually unfinished.
…Which they are.

First impressions. A bit small no?

Group picture, group picture, as we get nearer it becomes more imposing.

View from a “few stones up” the pyramid, overlooking Cairo.

On the left side…… thhe pyramid face is very rough, made of large blocks of stone hauled up one by one

The classic pyramid shot.
One cannot lack this from his collection, so here it is!
For everyone who wanted this pic… and the Sphinx…

It could only be seen this way, as the Cairo skyline is behind.. and development has encroached into the other side. Funny how this side of the pyramids just extend into desert. They must have gazetted this area not permissible for construction.

I would have been tempted if we had a bit more time, plus they stank.

Us in front of the Sphinx.
Ling, satisfied now???

Paper-making factory. More accurately, papyrus.
Demostrator, um, demostrating how the papyrus sheet is made.

A finished article. 100% hand-drawn and painted, comes with a certificate too I think.
100% tourist prices as well, of course.

I decided to get a feel of the papyrus plant myself. Note it's triangular in transverse (remembering my Biology classes now). Easily sliced and then pressed into sheets.

Egyptian ice cream after lunch. Yum.

This is one mode of transport locals think we are nuts to try.

There were practically no other foreigners on the trains, the crowded Cairo metro.

It moves, it's cheap, it gets us there (and is local!). Period.

Some tourist places are still not easily accessible by public transport.
We took a taxi to get to the Citadel (and Mohammed Ali Mosque).

Wonderful view of the Citadel. Muslim influence only came to Egypt fairly recently, but it did come to stay.

View of Cairo… typical of most developing cities, full of smog, run-down buildings, but there is order in chaos.

Government building in the middle of town. I think I am just above the Sadat station. The world famous Egyptian Museum is somewhat to my left.

The minibus!!! We actually took one on the way to Giza station earlier. Here we wanted to try our luck with one to the hotel. The guy didn't go there (as we found out after we got on) and wanted an exorbitant sum to act as a taxi. We got off and got into a normal taxi. Which was cheaper, but the driver didn't know where the hotel was.
When even I recognised the road leading to the hotel!

Egyptian drivers are quite good, even if they don't follow any rules. That's because, for all their honking and inching into other people's paths and rights of way, I have not seen a single accident happen. No one rams into someone else's car, no one hits a pedestrian by accident (and trust me, there are lots of pedestrians and people crossing the road). If you don't walk out bravely you will never cross the road.
Why didn't the chicken cross the road?
Cos it chickened out!

Outside a shop sellign sugar cane. Wonder what they do with the remaining fibre. Maybe make into “papyrus” and sell to us???

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