Egypt - Day 10

by Cheez K February. 24, 2008 2008 views

Cairo and Manchester via Brussels

Egyptian Museum, founded by a French guy who decided enough was enough and they had a duty to safeguard Egypt's history, not loot it….
We spent the best part of half a day there, on a brisk tour of the 200,000 items (maybe more), only seeing those singled out by our guide, who took us through the significant exhibits.

After lunch the tour ended, and Dad and Mum (with the rest of the tour group) departed for the airport, while I was to stay back till late evening. I decided to go to the Mubarak area (main train station) to see what was happening.

I walked a circular route around the locals who were going about their business crossing the streets indiscriminately and rushing about. I went past the local bus station (or rather, through it), and came upon an open bazaar, where I spotted this trader with some inspired presentation skills.
I must say I really like the car.

I then decided to try for Manyal Palace since I had to make my way to the hotel in Giza (across the Nile) to get my luggage…. and Manyal Palace was on the way to Giza.

I took in the sights and smells of the promenade along the Nile, coming finally to the bridge…

The Egyptian flag unfurled.

Crossing the Nile, once again. Maybe for the last time?

Manyal Palace. It was closed for restoration, unfortunately.
It had taken me some pain, lots of walking (I went almost halfway round it looking for the obvious entrance before being told I had passed it. It wasn't obvious as it was not meant to be open!)

I ended up strolling and sitting for a while in a park beside it (just left of this picture is the park fronting the river).

I think this is the national zoo entrance… (Giza)

When I got back to the hotel I went for some last-minute shopping to pick up a papyrus painting which I had earlier seen (probably printed and then hand-painted, or maybe fully machine-printed). I also picked up a few small bottles of perfume for Hui to try her hands on mixing. I'd already picked a lavendar one for Mum earlier in the day.

As it turned out I got to the airport only to find that my flight had been rescheduled to more than 4 hours later… I could have taken in much more of Cairo! But at least the flight was not brought forward - if that was the case I would have been in trouble. Even if I had meant to spend the night in Belgium waiting for my connection…

Brussels airport. I had 4 hours or so to wait………. ……………

Home sweet home, soon….

4000 years of history in 10 days.

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