by Keith Lockwood February. 09, 2017 616 views
Filofax with Fountain Pen

The Importance of Writing 

Whilst today's challenge title is handwriting it spurred me into thinking about the process of writing rather than typing and what stuff I prefer to write. Flicking through various notebooks, journals and Filofaxes (Filofaxii?) that I have kept hold of one thing stood out more than anything else. I write what is important to me. Whether it is design notes for work, personal thoughts that I feel I need to keep hold of (I even found the journal I kept when I was going through cancer treatment), or notes from mentoring sessions the overriding reason for me writing is that of importance and permanence. I have only just discovered this and it's intriguing - perhaps I should be more mindful in taking note of what I write, and make a more conscious effort to revisit my musings on a regular basis to see what is truly important. 

Filofax and fountain pen 2

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