Twiggy Trees

by Kelly M January. 12, 2017 1056 views

I've driven by this small patch of trees every day since I moved to Nanaimo and wanted to do something with them the whole time. I walked to the grocery store yesterday so I could get some pictures. I played around with getting down low in the trees and tried to make a tiny forest scene but it wasn't working out, so I turned my camera skyward. I like the stark contrast of the almost black trees, bright blue sky, and the out of focus, green trees

As always, I feel the need to critique myself in these posts so here goes. I've been doing some reading online and it seems like everyone acknowledges the importance of a strong subject. Looking back on my past work, I have begun to wonder where the subject is? Without a subject, maybe all I'm making is a series of desktop backgrounds. So, what about this photo? Is the subject the skinny trees? Or, is it the out of focus trees in the background? The skinny trees take up too much of the screen to be a subject, and probably an out of focus subject is no good. Hmm.

Well, It's clear what my homework is.

P.S. Here is the attempt at the mini forest.

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