Two Old Ones

by Kelly M January. 17, 2017 528 views

Well, looks like I'm breaking my rule of not uploading old photos. I've been really frustrated with the job search in Nanaimo and haven't really been able to take any photos that I want to upload, but I still crave the catharsis of putting one's art into the world so I'm uploading two old photos here.

This first one is from the east coast of Australia. Conditions were pretty perfect and I don't think I could have taken a bad photo if I tried. This is back when I was still shooting in auto mode.

This second photo is from last summer, I think, and may have been taken in Rathtrevor. That is Ri's foot you see there amongst the sea asparagus. Apparently you can harvest this stuff and eat it. I tried some. It was unsurprisingly salty.

It's hard to believe that it has already been two weeks in Nanaimo! I have an interview at an ESL school this Friday (rescheduled from last Friday) and had a bite on my tutor ad so things are looking up a bit. I think I need to integrate myself a bit into the community, and getting a job will for sure do that, but I would really love to find someone to play music with, so I should start exploring avenues to do that. 

Anyways, I hope you like the photos! I'll try to shoot some new stuff soon!

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