Neck Point Park

by Kelly M January. 19, 2017 547 views

Hey all. I took my bike out to Neck Point Park today and got a few good shots. I was having a hard time but then I found the right exposure setting and things started happening. It's funny though, because these photos really aren't the ones I felt good about while shooting. When I got home and saw (what I had thought) were my favourite shots on my laptop screen, instead of the camera display, I was a bit disappointed. Conversely, I ended up liking these shots here a lot more than I thought I would. 

The park is about a twenty minute ride from my place and I barely even began to explore it fully before it was time to go home. It was beautiful and I saw sea lions! We live on a hill so getting back took twice as long because I was walking a lot. Nanaimo is a bad place for single speed bikes!

One thing I'm noticing in these photos is the completely white sky, which I think is the result of me exposing for the ground. I wonder if there is a good way to avoid that.

Anyways, I hope you like them!

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