Working On a Few Things

by Kelly M January. 24, 2017 455 views

So I went back to Neck Point with Ri and took some more photos. Together, we probably shot a million of the water during sunset and weren't really happy with any of them. The one thing we weren't able to try was low ISO, small aperture, and long exposure. I need to start bringing out a tripod so I can do those long exposures without worrying about moving the camera. 

I took an almost candid photo of Ri through a couple of doorways. It was one of those scenes you walk by and it possesses you to bring out your camera. 

Also, One of my friends asked me to take a nice picture of a tree so she could hang it on her wall so I was practicing on this lovely arbutus we found on our walk. I think the framing needs more work and I could have tried for better lighting in a different part of the day.

And finally, today we get guest photos from Rileigh! Two of me, looking pretty dashing. They are nice and dark in the way that I like. Anyways. Hope you like it!

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