Blueback Beach

by Kelly M February. 03, 2017 1300 views

Wowza! More snow!

I walked down to Blueback Beach (45 minutes each way) today and I think I got a couple okay shots. I had to stop eventually though, because the camera was getting too wet with snow and I was getting too cold. 

When I first got to the beach, three seals popped their heads out of the water, only a few meters from shore. They hadn't noticed me so I didn't want to get my camera out and make a bunch of noise. I just stood there and enjoyed the moment.

Also! While I was shooting an old stump on the beach, an otter ran out of the woods and into the ocean! I got a blurry, overexposed photo of it that I won't bother you with, but I was just happy to see the little guy. 

The photos I'm uploading today are of the coastal seascape/landscape and an old stump. It was a fair challenge to get my levels right shooting in the snow because of it's brightness, but I think these turned out pretty nice. I still did that thing where I shot a landscape with a high aperture, which is kind of a no-no. Maybe one day I'll learn. 

Now, for the life update part of the blog. 

1. We were really hoping to go to Victoria for the weekend but with this snow there is a small chance that we may stay here because the Malahat is so dangerous. So that's kind of a bummer. 

2. I taught a demo lesson at a language school in town and I think it went pretty well. The only problem is the school doesn't really have enough students, so the big boss said he would call me when things pick up. 

3. Today is Rileigh's last day of her first practicum so she's pretty happy about that! I'm making pizza tonight to celebrate. Maybe I will upload a photo later. I'm thinking pesto chicken with feta cheese, bell peppers, and olives.

4. I had a third and final interview with a certain telecommunications company yesterday and I think it went really well. They are going to call me next week to let me know. If I'm hired, I'll start 6 weeks of paid training in March, and then work as a Technical Service Representative. I'm pretty excited about this because it's sort of looking like a good place to make a career out of. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the photos and wish us luck getting to Victoria tomorrow!

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Ram Ya 4 years ago

Wow 45 mins away from your home? You are really lucky!
Is this in BC?

4 years ago Edited
Kelly M Replied to Ram Ya 4 years ago

Yep. I have lived close to beaches my whole life so I guess I'm pretty spoiled.

4 years ago Edited