Little Qualicum Derp and Overprocessing

by Kelly M February. 26, 2017 1279 views

We went for a hike today around Little Qualicum Falls and it was super beautiful, but it made us feel pretty inadequate as photographers. For the life of me, I just can't take a good photo of a tree or river. So, all I have to upload are a derpy photo of Ri and an over-edited photo of a tree through a river.

I like the framing and colours of the picture with Ri, but portraits are easy peasy, so that's nothing to really be proud of. Also, how could I go wrong with such a fantastic subject?

The second photo is me playing around with editing too much. I fee like this takes the photo out of the realm of good "photography" and more in to general "art," which is fine. The picture is cartoonish and looks more like something you might see on a canvas. Please, someone tell me if there is a name for this type of photography. Also tell me if you don't like it. I'm still on the fence. 

I told her to think of cheese.

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