Mount Washington Hike

by Kelly M September. 15, 2017 1133 views

Hey All,

After my latest batch of edits I'm starting to wonder if I have Instragram-Filter-Itis. Am I pushing the contrast too far? One possible source of the issue is my laptop screen being very washed out. I guess true artists don't blame their equipment though.

Anyways. Yesterday Ri and I drove up to Mt. Washington for a hike! On the way up we got a chip in our windshield from an errant rock. Luckily we we able to stop in Courtney and have the crack sealed pretty quickly and easily. Also, it was free because it was covered by insurance!

While we were walking around waiting for the crack to be filled, Rileigh saved a dog from running out into traffic! That helped us feel better about the time wasted having to go to Courtney.

When we finally got to the mountain we were greeted by the fresh alpine air and colourful fields of white flowers, red bushes, and green grass. Also there were hundreds of little white poofs flying through the air. We finally spotted the source of the poofs as these funny little plants that looked like the tips of their leaves were exploding into white fluff. The trails were really wide open and we could easily see 100 or so feet around us at all times. I've never really hiked like that before and it was nice not getting the claustrophobia that I sometimes associate with dense forest trails.

When we got to the top we had a picnic lunch and were treated to some pretty spectacular views of not only Strathcona Park but also the coastline and ocean.

I'm generally happy with these photos, with the one of Ri looking pensive on the edge of the world being my favourite. Also, two or three of these were taken by the lady herself!

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